Paul B.
I had to run another company out because they would not answer calls and missed appointments. These guys were incredible. Jim knows the products and the industry better than anyone I have met. Great customer Service and delivered as he said he would!
Shawn L.
These guys are some of the best contractors I have worked with in my many years dealing with the trades. They provided solutions not excuses for all of our retrofitted data line locations. They made things simple for the cable installers to do their job as quickly as possible. Working in our 20 year old house was not easy but they did an excellent job of taking better care than I do. Working with Jim was as good as it gets, up front about costs and scope, professional and punctual, and informative without being condescending... a truly rare quality. I can count on one hand the number of contractors I would use again and I will happily call these guys again without hesitation for our future renovations.